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Uniform Code of Military Justice
Any person subject to this chapter who causes or participates in any riot or breach of the peace
shall be punished as a court-martial may direct.

Team News
Are you ready for spring?
Posted by: Boertje on Tuesday November 20, 2012 (17:18:52)   (1019 Reads)





[li]You can't play the entire game as one character; sometimes you have to a solo mission as each character to advance the story.[/li]
[li]No co-op in the story.[/li]
[li]some missions with all three characters you have to switch between them and then are given the opportunity to choose afterwards.[/li]
[li]Can't kill another character when playing as one of the three.[/li]
[li]Michael can walk around his house and interact with his family.[/li]
[li]Can buy new clothes.[/li]
[li]In free roam you choose to play whichever character you want.[/li]
[li]Each character is from a different part of Los Santos, but you can go anywhere you want.[/li]
[li]Natural Motion Euphoria used just like in IV, RDR and MP3.[/li]
[li]Entire map is open from the beginning.[/li]
[li]LV and SF definitely not in game.[/li]
[li]Downtown area of LS is smaller than Liberty City[/li]
[li]During demo, game and switching characters ran perfectly without lag.[/li]
[li]Swimming underwater confirmed, plenty of areas to explore.[/li]
[li]Plenty of boats and hoes.[/li]
[li]Internet on smartphone.[/li]
[li]Lots of TV shows.[/li]
[li]Trevor able to set things on fire when he wants, not just in missions.[/li]
[li]Each character has his own inventory and money. Subject to change before release, though.[/li]
[li]No CJ.[/li]
[li]No characters from III, VC or SA.[/li]
[li]Couple of familiar faces from IV will visit.[/li]
[li]Variety of races included; cars, bikes, triathlons.[/li]
[li]Still working on Wanted system.[/li]
[li]Rockstar didn't answer when asked if Xbox will have multiple discs.[/li]




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08-Aug-2014 22:32:14
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24-Aug-2013 07:38:06
AgentAnderson: Cheers
24-Aug-2013 07:36:39
AgentAnderson: Testes, 1, 2, 3?
24-Aug-2013 07:36:19
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