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Pro News - Page 3 › Gaming › Team News
Uniform Code of Military Justice
Any person subject to this chapter who causes or participates in any riot or breach of the peace
shall be punished as a court-martial may direct.

Team News
Can't Wait for Red Dead Zombies???
Posted by: AgentAnderson on Monday June 14, 2010 (01:00:10)

If you can't wait for the Zombies add-on for Red Dead Redemption, maybe you can drink a few pints, watch 'Deadwalkers', and pretend you are Mr Marston shooting zombies in the wild west!! This project even introduces us to a Zombie Prostitute!!!

The video seems like it ripped off some music, costumes, and hair from the TV series 'The Renegade' and some acting skills from 'Lifeless'!!

Better make it gallons and not pints !!!

Cheers Mate!


Team News
We're Coming To Get You, Barbara !!!
Posted by: AgentAnderson on Saturday June 12, 2010 (06:06:05)

The team over at Zombie Pandemic is quick!! Before I had time to make fun of the high school production called 'Lifeless' once again, they updated their spectacular game with yet another update of gore-ific madness!!!

Meet the new Zed's !!!

Holy Shit!! It's Fat Albert!!!

Join us in the Pandemic !!!


Team News
Zombie Pandemic Updates!!
Posted by: AgentAnderson on Saturday May 29, 2010 (21:29:38)
It is good to see new games updated regularly after opening up for the public to test everything before officially announcing "we are done."

The creators of Zombie Pandemic are doing just that. Today they announced that they added 10 more NPC's to the world. Even though the last minor update was 2 weeks ago, this is still good news....

"We have added 10 new NPCs including a pizza delivery, FBI agent and utility worker zombie to mention a few. The update also includes two new psychos (psycho shopkeeper and gangster) which will be featured in some quests."

Join us in the Pandemic !!!


Team News
Lifeless is Painful
Posted by: AgentAnderson on Tuesday May 18, 2010 (04:59:19)

Well... I really wanted Lifeless to be something more.

Lifeless premiered today on Fearnet.com, just one notch above appearing on SyFy. I do not see how this could have been passed off as a TV series in any country. I have so far watched two of the three episodes created. The first episode appeared that it was filmed in the 70's in black and white then later colorized. Maybe it was because of the full screen mode, maybe it was filmed 30 years ago and recently found.

The episode itself was only 15 minutes long. Well short of the industry standard of about 20 minutes. I can't see setting up a series in 15 minutes. Maybe it was a good thing because I only wasted 15 minutes instead of 20.

The acting was nothing short of a high school drama class. I think the acting in Zombie Strippers was award winning compared to the actors in this show.

As far as episode 2, the color was a bit better, although I think it was because 90% of the episode was a flashback and not really that good. Other than that and the episode being almost 21 minutes, everything is almost the same. Some time loss or skipping appeared to have happened in the plot (Plot hole maybe?) which begs to ask why they didn't look for Richard the whole time.

I am not looking forward to episode three at all. I now know what it is like to transform into a zombie. One more episode and you will have to "Smash my skull in".....

'A' for effort, 'F' for everything else.


Team News
Calling all Zombies: Appear in an Upcoming Zombie-game Trailer!
Posted by: AgentAnderson on Saturday May 08, 2010 (00:55:19)
Ever wanted to be in a video game trailer? How about a zombie video game trailer?

On May 15th and 16th, we will be shooting a trailer for an upcoming zombie video game in San Francisco, CA. We want to give 20 of you the chance to appear in the trailer… as a zombie!

So how do you enter to be a participant in this trailer?

Send an e-mail to zombies@playstation.sony.com with the following info:

* Name
* Date of birth (MUST BE 18 years of age or older)
* Phone number
* Zip code of your residence
* Height
* Two Photos:
1. Face (Close-up)
2. Full body

Send your email between May 7th at 9:00am Pacific and May 12th at 11:00pm Pacific. If you’re selected, we’ll contact you on Thursday, May 13th.

Our wardrobe department will tell you what to take with you to the shoot.


* Participants will have to make their own way to the video shoot on May 15th and 16th.
* Participants will not be compensated for their time or appearance.
* Participants will be required to be on set for approximately 10 hours per day.
* Not all Participants selected will be used in the video shoot. Final selection will be determined on site.
* Participants will be required to have make-up done by SCEA.

Now is your chance to be a zombie! E-mail zombies@playstation.sony.com to achieve immortality…the easy way.

Good luck!


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