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shall be punished as a court-martial may direct.

Team News
Zombie Pandemic !!!
Posted by: AgentAnderson on Saturday June 14, 2008 (22:39:23)

A virus pandemic has raged across the civilized world and infested the deserted cities by man-eating zombies. Desperately outnumbered by the zombie hordes only a few humans are immune to the virus. You are one of the survivors trying to make it to the safe zones set up by the military and other survivors.

Being resistant to the virus - but not to the teeth and claws of the zombies – you’ll have to navigate through the nightmarish streets to the local safe zone set at the college campus. If you reach the campus you will be able to team up with other survivors, get the proper equipment and strengthen the barricades for the zombie attacks.

In your fight for survival you must arrange search parties looking for other survivors and supplies, food and medicine for the camp in the quarantine city. Later you must establish contact to the known safe houses currently set up at the city hospital and the old church in the city center. To stay alive you will have to explore the dead city surviving the zombie hordes and unlock the secrets of the apocalyptic undead streets.

That is the story line behind the next great Zombie Browser Based MMORPG. Of course, how many different stories can there be behind a Zombie Pandemic ???

With the simplicity of Urban Dead and the constant attention you need to give Dead Frontier, hopefully this will grow strong somewhere in between the two. Nothing has been released yet but a few pictures and the following list of game features......

-Rescue other survivors of the epidemic and accept quests for your camp
-Help defend the safezones in the infected city
-Gather supplies, food, medicine and equipment for the camp
-Use both long ranged and melee weapons in an advanced combat mode
-Develop skills such as building traps, special close combat weapons and hacking electronic equipment
-Challenge other players in battle
-Explore the quarantined city
-Track down and defeat or capture the zombies for experiments in the search for the cure
-Occupy abandoned buildings creating your own safehouse in the infested insecure sector
-Build and deploy traps, equipment and weapons
-Team up with other players for missions or in clans
-The ability to upgrade and modify weapons
-Go play good or evil. Join and help the fraction of other survivors or go rogue and survive attacking and stealing from other survivors.
-Perks which will upgrade your skills
-Contact other safezones and escort people through the zombie infested city.

Head on over to http://www.zombiepandemic.com/ for more info!! Or better yet..... talk about it at this site!!


Team News
Heroes Beta Underway
Posted by: AgentAnderson on Monday May 12, 2008 (01:27:32)
This past week, they started the Closed Beta of the Summer's hottest game, Battlefield : Heroes.

This is the free, online only game based on part of the Battlefield series, but with a heart all its own. Part BF:1942, part Wolfenstein Enemy Territory, and part Team Fortress..... This promises to be the best of 2008.

The devs have also promised low system specs, so those of us with limited budgets or more than one console, can play it with a mediocre system.

And to follow the closed beta is a promise for an Open Beta also.

For more info, head on over to http://www.battlefield-heroes.com


Team News
NOMBZ !!!!
Posted by: AgentAnderson on Sunday March 02, 2008 (10:31:12)

As if having an outbreak of Zombies in the town of Monroeville wasn't enough this past week. Now we have to deal with a Night of a Million Billion Zombies !!!!

NOMBZ: Night of a Million Billion Zombies is a 3D action shooter that challenges the player to lead a posse of survivors through a zombie-infested city!

Kill! Survive! Escape!

* 5 playable characters, each with unique weapons and abilities!
* 25 levels!
* Swarms of zombie enemies, all hungry for your delicious human brains!
* A quirky and irreverent style!
* Music soundtrack featuring original and licensed tracks, including “Shoot The Zombies” by Songs To Wear Pants To!
* 3D game engine that uses pixel and vertex shaders on high-end PCs, and falls back to fixed function rendering on low-end PCs!
* For Windows PCs with DirectX!

Head on over to NOMBZ.com for great pix, a game play movie, a place to buy the game, and best of all.... A demo!!
  more ...


Team News
Requiem : Bloodymare Testing Soon
Posted by: AgentAnderson on Saturday February 23, 2008 (08:48:59)

Requiem: Bloodymare is a massively multiplayer online game for mature audiences that pits you, the player, into a dark, violent and bloodstained world devastated by generations of scientific misuse and magic. Fight for your own survival against the grotesque monsters that stalk the cursed land or band together with fellow survivors to fend off the stronger, bloodthirsty creatures that awaken only at night to prey upon the weak. Use a wide selection of weapons and the mysterious powers of beast possession to viciously slay down your enemies with destructive force. Requiem is set in a grim, persistent world combined with violent, blood-spattering action to provide gamers a refreshingly new and innovative approach to online game design.

Details were released at GDC this week and Closed Beta testing is to begin ASAP. The application on their site is still not available, but news will be posted as soon as the admin here signs up!!

Head on over to http://www.playrequiem.com for more info on this upcoming MMOG.


Team News
Quake Live Looking for Tester's
Posted by: AgentAnderson on Thursday February 21, 2008 (06:26:17)

It used to be called Quake Zero because that was the price of it.... ZERO! Nothing, nada, zilch! But I guess Coke Zero got angry because it sounds similar and they were NOT going to give it away for free..... Let's Rock!

It is now called Quake Live and it will be one of the big gaming news stories of the year. Not only is it free and based on Quake III : Arena, but it is going to be a browser based game..... Oh, Yeah! Mwuhahahaha!

The small downside is that it will be ad-supported, but hey.... IT'S AN ARENA !!! Now if they could only get Smith and Wesson or some other gun companies to sponsor it....

That was the good and bad news. The great news is that they have a place where you can sign up to be placed in a pool to beta test this great game! Head on over to http://www.quakelive.com to sign up. They are not asking for your system configuration just yet, but maybe you won't need anything new to play it. Time will tell.


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