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Uniform Code of Military Justice
Any person subject to this chapter who causes or participates in any riot or breach of the peace
shall be punished as a court-martial may direct.

Urban Dead
Some Celebrations Are Better Off Dead
Posted by: AgentAnderson on Thursday July 10, 2008 (00:36:42)
"You are inside St Wolfgang's Hospital. It was one of the last to be evacuated, and seems to have been cleared out in a hurry. The building has been very heavily barricaded."

It is crazy to think about how fast time flies by. One minute you are stationed in a foreign country representing your country's own military, then some weird things happen to cause you to be found guilty of breaching the peace and inciting a riot, then when you are being moved from Malton, your transport is attacked and you have to escape to stay alive......

It has been three years since we were attacked by some strange residents of Malton, two years since being found guilty of quite a few crimes against humanity, and one year since we - or rather I - escaped after the undead attacked us as we were trying to leave Malton in a special convoy allowed out the Southwest part of town.

Of course we didn't know they were undead at the time. Hell. We didn't think of them as zombies. The zombies we encountered back in July 2005 were different then the ones I see outside the barricades of St Wolfgang's Hospital as I write this. I am staring at one right now dressed as a chef..... His tattered name tag says 'Wolfgang Puck'.... C'mon! What would Mr Puck do in Malton? The ones today are smarter and more efficient. But then again, 3 years ago, I didn't know a whole lot. Now I can shoot a bit better, use advanced medical skills, and I can even revive those zombies who want to live again.

I even remember when they told us we were being transported back to the States since the forts in Malton are not secure enough. They couldn't get helicopters to extract us, so they opted for a one time convoy to leave Malton. Nobody knew until late in the evening on July 9th last year. We were ready for Taps to play and get some sleep. They told us we had until midnight to get to the border so they could get us back safely.

At 2336 (that's 11:36 PM for you civvies!!), we were attacked. At the time I thought the truck left the road. I don't remember much. I must have had a concussion because I barely remember walking around for a bit. I remember entering a train station and closing the door before collapsing...... When I awoke, I was dead. Even then, that was a blur. Luckily a NecroTech Doctor revived me.

After that, It has been one big blur...... Wake up, fight zombies, heal and revive friends, barricade the building, search for supplies, go to sleep. Guess what we do the next day?

I've meet lots of people both friendly and unfriendly, and have met zombies who are friendly and unfriendly.... If you call being bitten only once friendly....

Speaking of friendly, I have to go now..... Mr Wolfgang Puck is still staring at me.... I think he wants to taste my brains...

Let's see where the next year will take us.....


Urban Dead
Monroeville Quarantined !!!
Posted by: AgentAnderson on Monday February 25, 2008 (20:43:38)

Something has gone wrong. No. Terribly wrong! When residents near the town of Malton heard about the successful isolation of the area, they felt safe. They knew whatever medical disaster happened in Malton would stay in Malton.... Or so they thought! After all, the military was involved.

Soon, the town folk of nearby Monroeville became ill and suddenly died overnight. Nobody knew why. Then, as quickly as Malton was isolated, the military began cordoning off the town of Monroeville.

Panic Ensued!

Little time was given to a select few who were allowed to leave Monroeville. It was early in the morning and not everyone was awake. Even local emergency personnel did not get evacuated, most decided to stay because it was their duty.

With that, a second town was quarantined for unknown reasons. Unknown except to the residents stuck inside. It seems that the recently deceased are reanimated and have become a sort of living dead. That seems to be the good news. The bad news is that nobody knows how to cure or stop it. Shooting the dead is not permanent. Some speculate that a head shot would render them dead again. Too bad no one here can shoot straight. Many of the rednecks were gone hunting this weekend and the local police, well, Mayberry RFD is more like it!

And the worst news of all.... Nobody knows if there will ever be a cure for this.... this abomination. We are trapped with no way out. All we can do is document the events on a few video cameras scattered throughout Monroeville for future generations to find. If you find this video log..... Be warned!


Urban Dead
Downfall of Lebende Tote at Merson
Posted by: AgentAnderson on Sunday February 03, 2008 (10:02:11)
Since December, it seems like the Merson was ruined almost 24 hours a day thanks to several Zombie groups in the Grigg Heights area. The cold weather and snow didn't help. The crates from the helicopters did not help. What did help was team work from several groups. Aside from our group trying to stay alive and retake the Merson NT, there was Team Paradox. Not all of them, but just enough to turn the tables. Restoring the Merson NT had a huge impact in the area. Not only for the Survivors, but a big Downfall for one major group.... Lebende Tote.

We have since uncovered documents and video from a meeting of the Lebende Tote since the restoration of the Tech facility. It has been declassified and translated and is ready to be viewed for the first time. Learn what you can from the intel in the video..... We may need to fight them again!

WARNING - Contains offensive Zombie cursing.....


Urban Dead
Team Breach of Peace Survives the Urban Dead
Posted by: AgentAnderson on Tuesday January 15, 2008 (06:04:00)

The Winter of 2007-8 was worse than it was a year ago in Malton. Snow blanketed the ground leaving a trail for Zed's to follow, buildings have been ruined causing survivors to misstep and land outside, and it seems more Zed's are being 're-born' every year.

Sure the Christmas tree's and lights help raise our spirits, and the toolboxes help us MacGyver the Genny's to working order - Not to mention fixing the buildings so we can sleep safe, and even the unmistakable sounds of the helicopter's rotor blades made us somewhat feeling warmer inside.

The feelings received from the good and bad as mentioned do not compare to that of fighting the Zombie Apocalypse with a group of people willing to sacrifice life and limb to help another team mate, let alone a total stranger. Being bitten sucks big time, but the feeling that you saved a few team mates and total strangers makes the scars worth a whole lot more.

Along the way you meet groups like Paradox who as a group go above and beyond to help any other group with similar goals. Hopefully we can apply the same cohesive bond within our own group in the years to come within the confines of Malton. Should the communications structure in Malton fail, they can be contacted via the underground net here

Though we lost a few of our own during the latest uprising, we quickly overcame our short handedness, regrouped and held the Zed's at bay. Even when the upper echelon goes AWOL to install a Genny in a NT Building 2 suburb's away, the team still functioned to the highest caliber. Reports of the fighting made the rounds, healing of the wounded was happening faster than the Zed's could inflict it, and the newest recruit's took charge to carry out the plan of attack. We Survived...... again.

If you just woke up in Malton, or have been looking for a purpose within a working, thinking machine and would like to 'Get Up and Go', then stop by our recruiting office and sign up for the fight. The only prerequisite is to want to live as a Survivor. And maybe put up with us in the junkyard........

  more ...


Urban Dead
Malton Needs Your Help !!!
Posted by: AgentAnderson on Wednesday September 05, 2007 (08:49:08)
News Flash !!!!

The movies you watched when you were kids are true !! The dead are walking the Earth once again and are taking over !!

One area in particular needs your help. Malton is in danger of being completely overrun by Zombies before the end of the year. If you really want to celebrate New Years in Malton, please enter the city by any and all means necessary.

It is unknown how the Zombies are organizing or even communicating with each other, but they need to be stopped !!! Malton is composed of 10,000 blocks divided into 100 suburbs. Many groups have formed amid the chaos but have been decimated by the Zombie Horde.

Team Breach of Peace is seeking your help in assisting the population of Malton by controlling the Zombies. At this time there seems to be no cure or end to the apocalypse, but with strength in numbers, we can control it !!!

We are seeking personnel from all walks of life within Malton. It doesn't matter if you are a skilled military tactician, firefighter, scientist, or plain Caiger Mall Shopper..... We need you in order to succeed. We will train you with the skills needed to help us, and Malton, succeed !!

Please visit our own forum here, or take a look at our official Malton wikipedia entry. We are seeking Survivors of any skill level or class to help control the Zombie population.


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