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shall be punished as a court-martial may direct.

Dead Frontier
Dead.... The Final Frontier
Posted by: AgentAnderson on Wednesday July 08, 2009 (02:52:18)

IMPORTANT: Dead Frontier Online is currently in open Beta. This is a bare-bones version of the game, with many planned features missing. The estimate for a full scale release is sometime in 2009.

Don't let those words scare you. Let the zombies do that!

Even though it is an open Beta test, the game is very playable and enjoyable... Except for those who want to play as a Zed. Dead Frontier is more than a click and wait browser based zombie game.... It is a click-click-click-click break your mouse kind of game! If you have played the demo flash games that have been around for over a year now, you know exactly what it is like.

If you get a few chances to play, please stop by Fairview and shoot your way to the Outpost and look me up!

Dead Frontier is the ultimate survival horror MMORPG. Log in and play with thousands of real players from around the globe as you struggle for survival in a zombie infested city.

* Battle for survival against an army of infected zombies
* Explore a huge post-apocalyptic MMO game
* Barricade buildings and create your own hideouts
* Wield over 100 real world weapons from melee to miniguns
* Pit your skills against other survivors in PvP games

Dead Frontier Website


Dead Frontier
The Final (Dead) Frontier
Posted by: AgentAnderson on Sunday April 27, 2008 (21:43:29)
Space must be infinite. It has to be.

It seems like the same could be said about the dead. Or maybe we should say, the Undead.

Zombies. They are everywhere. We are doomed.

It was great when we heard the stories of a zombie outbreak in small towns like Malton in England, or even near Monroeville Mall in Pennsylvania, USA. It didn't affect us at all. But then it literally popped up everywhere almost overnight, and panic ensued.

We tried to call them Ghost Towns like Jerome, Arizona..... But they were more than ghost's.

It happened during the night. Everything has changed. The landscape, the sky, the....... people. Just like the movies. They want brains. It is also known that they need their brain to 'live'. So we just take it from them. Sometimes it takes more than one shot or one wallop to remove the head or destroy the brain.

But they can be stopped. But for how long?

That is my quest. To survive. To live.

But I need to find some friends to help. We'll party. Hell. There is beer and crisps. What else do we need??

Oh, yeah. bullets. I forgot.


Dead Frontier
Dead Frontier - Who's With Me?!
Posted by: AgentAnderson on Saturday April 12, 2008 (02:06:12)

I didn't see the news on the Dead Frontier forums, but there was more great news about the game. It seems like he is going to release a very playable and enjoyable beta of it sometime next week. The next question you need to get an answer to is, "How long is a week in the Dead Frontier?"

"After seeing the response you all gave, I've decided that I'm going to release the game as Beta without co-op or pvp action (but with trading), either this week or next week. I'm not going to give an exact day this time around, but I'm hoping it will be the 14th. I will 100% guarantee on pain of my balls being thrown in a blender, that it will be released no later than the end of next week (though I'm not saying which timezone I'm using)."

Below is a list of things you can do when it is first released.

Kill zombies and co (?)
Kill a couple of bosses
Team up with 1 other player (their character, but under AI control)
Explore a large city with interiors
Scavenge for items
Trade with other players
Chat with other players
Level up and spend stat points
Use all profession abilities as described before

After the release, he is going to do what any other programmer/developer does.... RELEASE MORE STUFF AND KILL BUGS!!

Now if only my F5 key will survive til next week!
Let's Rock!


Dead Frontier
Dead Frontier Update
Posted by: AgentAnderson on Sunday March 23, 2008 (18:22:16)

Even though it was originally going to be released in March, the creator had a few setbacks common to computer users. Electrons went haywire in his houses electrical supply system and it fried some data. But do not worry. He has set a new release date of April 10th.

Along with that bad news is some good news!!! He has released information on some of the character classes in the game as well as some more info on the mechanics of the game. Here are a few of those classes and a pic of the police officer model.

Administer complex medication

Can grow 1-10 high quality foods per day
Starts with Beretta Tomcat

Can cook high quality foods
Starts with a chef's knife

Can create 1-10 treatments per day

Can repair armour

-15% exp penalty
+5 Strength
+10 Accuracy
+10 Endurance
+10 Reloading
+10 Machinegun Skills
Starts with beretta tomcat

Police Officer:

Follow the discussion link below for the rest of the info he has put forth and mark your calendars to join Breach of Peace in the Dead Frontier!

And remember to try out the demo of the first 3 nights!!

Dead Frontier: Night One
Dead Frontier: Night Two
Dead Frontier: Night Three


Dead Frontier
Dead Frontier - Will You Survive ??
Posted by: AgentAnderson on Tuesday January 01, 2008 (00:44:40)

Dead Frontier is a free MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role playing game) set in a post-apocalyptic, zombie infested world. Unlike other MMOs, Dead Frontier mixes fast paced, zombie blasting action and traditional role-playing game elements to create something totally unique.

To get an idea of what the action elements of the MMO will be like, please try the mini games below:

Dead Frontier: Night One
Dead Frontier: Night Two
Dead Frontier: Night Three

Due out in March 2008 as a Free MMORPG. Head on over to Dead Frontier for more information !!!
  more ...


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