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a good night sleep-19 viewsThis shows how tense the game can get..and it will disrupt your peaceful hours of needed sleep!
Infected-15 viewsHere you can see, that when the Zeds get ya, you aren't always killed instantly, sometimes it can take a while. You can even cure yourself with a FAK!
Team Member Revived-24 viewsAfter gaining the required skill, I ran over to revive Boertje. I felt it was the right thing to do since I needed XP ;)
2 bad out of AP-16 viewsThere is something called a contact list, you can put either friends or foes in it, their names will highlight in the game, making it easier to recognize them. This way you can easily revive a buddy or kill your enemy.
Here you can see me doing my best to take out an enemy (note the amount of Action Points I've got left).
Another Urban Dead Screenie-17 viewsHere is a shot with a few FireFox extensions on and some of them off. This is where I am sitting to recover some Action Points.
Another Urban Dead Screenie-16 viewsThis one shows the graphical interface. When the cursor goes over an item, it shows a description of it. Shown is the Flak Vest..... The radio even shows the frequency it is tuned to.....
Main Screen-24 viewsIt isn't much to look at, but this is the main map/character screen on the left side. This was just after my first Zed Killing experience........
Description Screen Shot-18 viewsThis is on the right side of the browser. It is a description of the area and contains action buttons. This was after unloading 2 of my 3 clips into one Zed.... What are they teaching Army kids nowadays!!!
Revived !!!-21 viewsA nice scientist revived me whilst I was sleeping. I am now holed up in a pub.... but the Winchester it is not !!
Zed's Dead-21 viewsHere is a screen shot of me.... Dead..... with the FireFox plugin (new graphics)...
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